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Happy Easter

on Lunes, 14 Abril 2014.

Games and more:

Easter Bunny song     

Story: Inside an Easter Egg.

Color Easter pictures  

Find the pairs Match the picture cards with the word cards.
Burst the ballons: Look at the picture. Can you spell the words? Burst the balloons when they go past.
Story The Great Egg Hunt: Listen and read the story

Easter Vocabulary Crossword: Do the crossword.


Take turns trying to lob an egg over a hill at an opposing chicken. 
Hunt down Peter Rottentail & his gang of Bad-Guy Bunnies in this hardboiled adventure!

Description: You are Hopper, a trainee Easter Bunny. Collect enough eggs in time and you get a bite of the chocolate bunny and entry to the next level. Complete all levels to become a real Easter Bunny!!

Minx’s Easter Adventure The hunt for Easter eggs is on!

The Family Song

on Domingo, 13 Abril 2014. Posted in Videos

Whats The Weather Like video

on Miércoles, 09 Abril 2014.

Look, listen and sing.



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