Happy Easter

on Lunes, 14 Abril 2014.

Games and more:

Easter Bunny song     

Story: Inside an Easter Egg.

Color Easter pictures  

Find the pairs Match the picture cards with the word cards.
Burst the ballons: Look at the picture. Can you spell the words? Burst the balloons when they go past.
Story The Great Egg Hunt: Listen and read the story

Easter Vocabulary Crossword: Do the crossword.


Take turns trying to lob an egg over a hill at an opposing chicken. 
Hunt down Peter Rottentail & his gang of Bad-Guy Bunnies in this hardboiled adventure!

Description: You are Hopper, a trainee Easter Bunny. Collect enough eggs in time and you get a bite of the chocolate bunny and entry to the next level. Complete all levels to become a real Easter Bunny!!

Minx’s Easter Adventure The hunt for Easter eggs is on!

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